Finally off to a good start

So, my conditioning/running is finally getting going in the right direction.  I have planned out goals over the next 4 years to build my conditioning level up to the point that I compete in an Ironman Triathlon.  My overall goal, a goal is a dream with deadlines, is to complete Ironman Kona. 

With this in mind, I’m working from a current body that is about 60 pounds over where I want to be when I am in triathlon shape.  So, I will have a considerable amount work to do. 

My run on Monday was 3 miles, very slow, but I made it through.  31:40, in the hot summer heat here in Central Ohio, but at least it wasn’t humid.

I followed that run up on Tuesday, with a 2 mile run in 19:52.  Again, hot and sunny and it felt a little better.

Today was my best run yet, which I’m sure will be continuing for awhile until I actually get into shape.  3 miles today with a total time of 29:43, under 10:00 per mile!  Now, only to get back to the glory days of high school when my training runs were at 7:00 per mile.


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