Monthly Archives: November 2010

Global Investing

I thought this article was an interesting compilation of some retail investors that use the morningstar site.  I wonder how many people really are staying invested and adequately allocating their exposures across several types of assets. 

I have put about 20% of my stock exposure overseas across emerging and other global markets.  I don’t have any investments in bonds across the sea but since it is really hard to get a lot of information regarding the reliability and safety of those types of investments I’d rather not put money there.  My current international exposure is through TGVAX, the Thornburg International mutual fund that is 5-star rated by Morningstar.


So I’m still trying to get productive here….

Well I applied for a new job last week, I take this as step one in finally accomplishing one of my goals with the intent of it eventually creating the beginning of a dream.  I have actually already heard back on the position I applied for last week, and no dice as they say.  With that in mind, I’ve now applied for another new job back with the company I left before my current job.  It’ll give me the opportunity to work with the public in an area that I greatly enjoy, finances. 

Some bad news though, I went for a 4 mile run yesterday and felt really good.  The patellar tendon band that I wore on my right knee really helped out, I woke up today in no pain at all.  The bad news is that my physical therapist told me, I need to stop running for awhile until he can assess the patellar tendon damage.

I’ll be studying for another accounting test tomorrow night, one step closer to getting that CPA license!

Going to make this at least a weekly update from now on…

So another of my dreams is to finally go it alone, and start my own business.  I am currently taking some classes in order to get the required amount of accounting classwork to sit for the CPA exam.  I am taking 3 courses this quarter while working full time, and my wife is also in school full time and working full time, and we have an almost 2 year old son.  Needless to say, we are usually stressed out.  I have started a small job search so that I can get into an accounting firm and get some experience.  When I get into a new job, I am going to look into starting a small insurance agency so that I can build a clientele base and eventually be able to cross sell insurance, accounting, and financial services.  I really enjoy helping people with these arenas and think that once I can get the ball rolling have the potential to be very successful for myself, and very helpful for my clients.