A day at Muirfield

So, today I made my first trip to Muirfield for the Memorial Tournament ever.  There was almost no one there, (obviously first day of practice rounds and a holiday so I’m sure most of the golfers were with family) but I really enjoyed the course and time spent with my family.  I did get a few pictures of Ryu Ishikawa as he was playing the 9th and walking to the 10th tee.  We didn’t want to ask for autographs, since it just felt like it was interrupting his practice.

On another note, tomorrow marks my first day in my new career.  I am going to be working as a licensed independent insurance agent.  I will have a lot of carriers to write through, and am greatly looking forward to it.  If you have any insurance needs, or you are just trying to shop your homeowners, auto, business renewal policies let me know and I’ll do the shopping for you.  I have a solid background in commercial insurance and more specifically construction.  I am willing to go above and beyond to not just assist you with your insurance needs and goals but as an advisor in many different arenas.  I will be making several connections throughout the central Ohio area and I will be able to point you in the right directions for any needs you have.





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