First day at MMA Insurance

Today was my first day of my new career, and I am happy to know that the agency has so similar thoughts around insurance and people in general as I have.  We are dedicated to helping clients to protect their assets, and really creating a service oriented agency.

I also finally got back into the running action this morning, I put in a 4 mile run.  If you follow me on facebook or twitter you will see my running updates, and if you also run or exercise and use add me as a friend on their and maybe we’ll be able to meet up sometimes to run.  Running is so much easier when you have someone to hold you accountable!

I also want to post something that may be of some assistance to those looking to save a little money.  I know that regardless of whether you have a lot of money or a little, sometimes it just feels nice to save a few bucks.  Now, I know that this app will not be accepted by everyone because it will slightly cut back on the convenience of phones, but check out the Textfree app.  It is an app for your tablet device, so if you don’t have the extra money to pay for the data plan on your phone or you are just interested in having the text capabilities on your tablet you may be interested.  The free version does have ads, but if the extra money you spend on the data plan burns you up, it would be well worth it.

If you live in Ohio and are looking for an insurance agent that you can trust, and will always do what they can to help you out?  Shoot me a message or comment here, or send me an email at  I’m in the process of making several connections throughout the community in many different industries, so I can even help to point you in the right direction if you are looking to purchase or get involved in something else.


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