Election year investing

I recently read an article in Kiplinger’s magazine that discussed election year investing, and the historical data around investing in an election year, in a year where the incumbent president is up for a second term, and other similar situations.  Historically the market has done better when in these cycles, but if you are an investor please don’t let these type of articles influence you to invest more during this year but please stay the course.  Investing is a long term process, and you should not be continually modifying your investment plan to try and chase returns or time the market.  The more you attempt to time the market, the more likely you are to miss some gains in the market while you are waiting for the right time.

Today at work I continued on my growing my knowledge base of the personal lines insurance products that we offer through our multiple carriers.  I started quoting my own insurance and getting used to the system, but with the little amount I have completed so far it looks like I’ll be saving money and doubling my coverage!!  This is really exciting for me, because now I know when I have meetings with clients, not only will I be able to help them better understand their policy but I’ll likely be able to get them better coverage for a competitive price.

I took the morning off from running, but I did do some pushups and situps.  A VERY small amount, but I know that I need to build those up.  I’m not even sure how long it’s been since I’ve done any abs/upper body exercising.  Ready to get back out on the road in the morning, going to start training for the Columbus Marathon next week.

Make every day great,



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