Back after a short hiatus

Man it has been a while since I have sat down and written a blog post, so I guess that means I need to catch everyone up a little bit.

On the job/business front, last Thursday I got back out to visit some of my former colleagues.  That must have helped, because I got my first prospective client on Monday of this week from my previous place of employment.  I continued to hone in on my marketing plan as well.  Friday, I left the office early to run an errand for my wife, she is a teacher and forgot some things at home she needed for Kindergarten graduation.  I then went out to pick up my books to study for the Life and Health Insurance License.  My last stop of the day was at a car dealership, to discuss referring business to one another.  Monday was my first day of actually sitting down and quoting, and it was jam packed.  I had a meeting with one of our field reps for an hour, an office meeting for a half hour, quoting, and I tried to go and get my background check completed so I can get my P&C license.  The word tried is the key, because I forgot my driver’s license on the scanner at the office, which I needed to complete the fingerprinting process.  Today, I had another meeting with a company rep, got the fingerprinting completed, and got two quotes out and two more mostly done.

I will be back tomorrow to update the fitness, finance/investing, and general information.  I am trying to keep each post to roughly 250 words.

Make every day great,



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