Updating continuation

So yesterday was a good day at work, I heard my first “no, I’m going to stay with the carrier I have” and instead of letting another potential no wait for another day I went ahead got them both out of the way.  Now, I will be able to bind my own insurance policy today, so that will technically be my first yes and I will be my first client.

My exercising has been hit and miss, seems like about every other day I get a run in, I have to start making it a daily thing if I’m going to run the Columbus Marathon this fall.  I did run 3 miles on Monday and 6 on Wednesday, I’m going to try and get in a 4 miler tonight after Bible study.  I have done a fairly good job of hitting up a few pushups, situps, and leg raises each morning to try and burn off some of the belly.

A quick financial note, for those of you out there that have a 401(k).  By the end of this year, everyone is going to be able to review the fees that are being charged inside of their 401(k).  In the past you really couldn’t find that information anywhere, but now you will know if certain investments inside your 401(k) are being charged a higher fee than you would be if you were invested in something else.  I think this is a great thing, because maybe it will entice some people that have left a 401(k) with a former employer to go ahead and rollover their account to an IRA, where they will have more investment options and the fees are usually lower.

Make every day great,



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