Friday rundown

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for my marketing plans.  I started getting together a list of homeowner’s to contact and also some small businesses.  I’m trying to focus on a few small niches in the business side of insurance, and day care programs are one of them.  I guess I probably have a specific desire to make sure that they are properly insured, due to having a child that goes to a day care, from listening to stories about things that have happened in the past, and having a wife who is an excellent early childhood educator!  I should also mention that I worked on a quote for my first non-contact client, I am working on quoting his truck and motorcycle and man was the story that I received great!

I really wanted to get up this morning and do some productive running, but that didn’t happen.  For some reason I am just feeling blah this morning, it’s probably because I ate Chipotle for dinner so late and all the rice is just sitting there.

I have been reading through the Kiplingers magazine 50 Kip Tips article, and the first nine tips are titled “Trick yourself into saving”, and I don’t really agree with that.  To me it should be a concentrated effort to do the things that they list, and I do agree with most of the tips.  Actually of the first 10 tips, the only one that is somewhat cumbersome is to set up an account for each goal (the idea here is somewhat larger goals).  I can tell you, unless you are a spreadsheet nerd (I am but I still can’t do this goal) the tracking of each account would be a substantial amount of time.  The other problem is that to start several different accounts, you’d probably have to go to additional banks.  I personally work with 5 different banks, and that is a considerable effort to remember what I have at each (loans, savings, checking, etc.) and how little money there is at all of them!

Make every day great,



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