I can honestly say that as of right now, I am no longer dreading every single Monday.  Don’t get me wrong I love my weekend, but now every conversation I have can potentially lead me to a new prospect so work is just part of my everyday life.  Saturday was pretty quiet, but Cayden and I did hit up the KOA car show Saturday night.  Saw a lot of nice older cars, and once again was reminded just how much I want to build a muscle car with my son.  Sunday was great, we spent the day at the pool as a family.  We could definitely do that just about everyday, Cayden would live in the water if possible.  After we came home and had dinner, Cayden and I hit the store to give April a chance to work on her master’s program work and we enjoyed some Josie’s frozen yogurt.

Spent Monday working on 3 quotes and went to meet with a family friend to get their information to give them a quote as well.  Tuesday included making some revisions to one of the quotes from Monday, and working on 3 other quotes for insurance.  I’ve heard back on 2 that they are looking good, so I’m pretty excited about that.  Continuing to work on networking and marketing all the time, sent some introductory letters to my hometown in hopes of drumming up some business there.  My next marketing push is going to be for day care facilities, which are near and dear to my heart having a child in preschool and an awesome early childhood educator as a wife.

I’m 2 for 2 this week on working out!!  Nothing crazy, but 3 miles on Monday and 4 for Tuesday with a set each of leg raises, situps, and pushups each day.  I’m going to make this marathon happen!  I also started “training” my youngest brother for hockey, I’m just making his workout plans and then he’s on his own to make it happen but our other brother will push him I’m sure.

Back to my review of the 50 kip tips, Kiplingers has a great section about perks that you can get from your credit cards many of which I was unaware of.  Some cards will extend a manufacturer warranty for up to a year, some will offer reimbursement on purchases you make with the card that are stolen or broken, and one in particular reimburses you for up to $3,000 for damaged or lost luggage (Visa Signature).  This are some pretty awesome perks, and I was glad to see that the next kip tip mentioned, if you are using cash back or other reward cards, remember if you don’t pay them off each month you are probably defeating the purpose of the reward card.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get everything caught up.

Make every day great,



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