After dealing with a laptop keyboard that is absolute trash, it is finally fixed today. I took the keyboard off and am just running a standard keyboard through the USB on our home computer.

Yesterday at work I had a couple hours of meetings so it felt like I just didn’t get anything accomplished.  Then, when I was actually working on getting some quotes done and out, the carrier’s website that I needed to use quit working due to server issues.  Oh well, I’ll just jump in early this morning and get everything taken care of today.

I also finally got back to running on my favorite bike path yesterday (just 3 miles) after going to get my hair cut.  I needed the hair cut drastically because my hair grows waaayy too fast.  I’m planning on getting back over to the bike path on Sunday as I try to go for a long run (10 or 11 miles).  And for those of you that know me, or don’t know me but see me running, I know that I don’t look like a runner but try not to stare at me like you can’t believe I am running.  From what I have heard from my siblings, the workout plan is going good for our youngest brother maybe he’ll put on some muscle weight and pound some people on the ice.

I’m excited about getting together with my small group to continue our study of Revelations, first time I’ve ever been in the book, and it has been great so far.

Back to finance section now, Kiptip #20 is one of my favorites.  Avoid dubious tipsters, if you know someone that works for a company that tells you about something that may be happening at the company and you act on the purchase or sale of the stock, you may get pulled up on an insider trading charge.  Don’t ever take specific investing advice from family, is it really worth losing the love of a family member over a stock loss?  If you are getting cold calls about getting into a stock, guess what they probably already own it and are trying to push the price up so they can unload it.  And last but certain not least, don’t be a lemming.  If everyone else is getting in to it, a bubble is being created which is obviously going to pop, nothing can go up forever.

Make every day great,



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