A couple quotes and continued marketing

Today was a good day at work, got through 3 quotes, followed up on one to get information I was missing, followed up another where I am still missing information, and followed up on a third to see how my quote was looking.  I am really excited about one quote that I really wasn’t sure I would be able to compete with the current price, but still came in about 200 dollars lower on the prospect’s auto coverage.  I sent some more mail out to my hometown to continue my marketing there and tried to get into an apartment complex office, but I got there too late.  Had a great time talking with an old friend and watching a few of the guys play a new game that looked pretty cool, if I get the time I may play with them every once in a while.  If you live anywhere in the Newark area and love gaming (cards, table games, etc.) check out Game Table Adventures.

I completely skipped on the workout today and feel like a complete bum.  On a good note with exercising and fitness though, my brother says he is starting to notice a difference already.  I’m not sure if it is starting to show yet or not, but as long as he sticks with the workout plans he’ll be ready for hockey season.

Make every day great,



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