First client

On Friday, I was able to obtain my first client other than myself.  It was a pretty exciting day for me and a real boost of confidence to the beginnings of this new career.  I feel like I have a few more opportunities coming up real soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to secure those accounts as well and have a great first month.  I’ve exceeded the premium goal that the agency owner put in place for the first month, so that is good, but I’m impatient and want to take on the world!  Today will be more marketing for sure, I’ve got to reach out to the daycare facilities in Licking County.

My exercising is again falling off the wagon, I have got to find someone to hold me accountable to my workout plans every day.  Send me an email or message me on facebook or something, because I need to keep things rolling.

Had a great weekend for Father’s day, I love being a dad.  Right now my son is going through an independence stage, but it’s funny when he reaches back out to get some help.  I love being there for him.  Read an awesome quote by Jon Gordon, “I don’t want my child to be what I want him to be.  I want him to be everything that God created him to be.”  This is without a doubt my thought on being a dad too.

Make sure you do at least an annual review of your investment portfolio (be that 401k, IRAs, taxable accounts, etc.).  Were they areas that fell short of what you expected?  What about high flyers?  Make sure that at least annually you are rebalancing your portfolio, because it is very likely that the investment that did the best last year, will not continue to outperform in the next year.  Another very important thing to review is how much you are paying in fees.  If there are similar investments that you are looking into, consider taking the one that has lower fees.  Lower fees = higher returns if both funds have essentially the same underlying investments.

Also, a quick not of congratulations to Webb Simpson for his outstanding performance at the US Open.  Solid under par round on Sunday, way to bring it!

Make every day great,




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