Submitted the commercial account

I was pretty excited yesterday to be working on my first commercial account as an agent.  Let me just say, they excitement was probably a little over-blown.  In all actually, that probably isn’t true because if I can prove to be an asset to the commercial business maybe I’ll get an opportunity to give the owners a quote on their personal insurance.  The line of business is really pretty innocuous, the business owns farm land that they lease to other farmers.  Really not much exposure for a commercial account, just the land.  I thought the premium would come in a little higher, but it just shows the difference of where I worked in the Excess & Surplus Lines world versus where I’m at now and most of the business goes to admitted carriers.

Yesterday was pretty awesome, my grandma is giving us money (50 dollars) to go to a Cincinnati Reds game this Saturday so she can get a Sean Casey bobblehead.  My wife bought our 4 tickets for 67 dollars, so for very little out of pocket we get to enjoy a Reds game!  I also got quite a bit accomplished while our son was at swim lessons, trying to plan a workout program for the cross country team this fall.  If I get the runners to buy-in, we should be able to have a successful season for the boys and girls teams.

Kiptip #30 is near and dear to my heart as an independent insurance agent, reshop your auto, home and life insurance.  If you are working with an independent agent, you have that luxury already in hand!  Just call your agent and ask them to get you a quote through all the other carriers they represent.  It really can be that simple.  Another way to save some money on home or auto insurance is to raise your deductibles.  Depending on the carrier you can get some sizeable credits.  If you live in Ohio and would like someone to review your home, auto, or business insurance check us out at MMA Insurance and let them know that Chris directed you there and I’ll be more than happy to assist!

Make every day great,



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