Thursday 6/28

Wednesday was an eventful day!  I was pushing through my work day following up on several quotes I had out, as well as ones where I was still missing information.  I got out and took pictures of the home of my first client early in the day as well.  I was planning to spend almost the entire afternoon on marketing, when I got a call from our son’s preschool that he was still there (he is done at noon over the summer) and needed picked up.  When I got there to get him, my wife had already been there to get him.  Pretty scary to get a call at work that your wife hadn’t been there to get him on time, and that you can’t get ahold of her on her cell phone.  I was definitely scared that she may have crashed somewhere and couldn’t make contact with anyone.

We took the afternoon and went out to the country to meet with her dad about his auto quote that I gave him last week.  Things are looking good to go forward with his quote, and while we were there I got the information to quote one of her brothers as well.  So what looked like a busted day, ended up fairing pretty well.  We got to enjoy some time at the pond fishing and I got some business completed too!

Kiptip #31 is all about tossing paper files you dont need anymore.  I am totally using this tip myself for sure.  I started throwing away some old bank receipts, credit card statements, etc. this last week.  Then some of the old paper files that do still need kept, I am starting to scan in and save them as a pdf for easier access and to clear some space in our house which is at a premium.  There are several companies that allow you to store information free on their server as well, so if your computer goes down and you can’t restore the documents the items you need can be accessed later from their website so you don’t lose those important items!

Make every day great,



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