August Update for the month of July

So, it is now time to vow to continue to keep this blog updated.  The month of July was obviously a fail, since my last post was June 28th!  Since my last update, a lot has happened, not a lot of change on the day-to-day but the general progression is good.

On the work front, in July I wrote an auto policy, a package home & auto policy, and a Day Care!  The day care was definitely my “biggest” accomplishment, just because it is a niche that I really want to work hard at helping day care providers understand their exposures and put them with a carrier that provides them outstanding coverage.

On the personal front, everyday I am trying to challenge myself.  My walk with the Lord, while it has been an ebb and flow, due to my rebellious nature has definitely grown over the past month.  I enjoyed the turn of the calendar from July to August especially, due to my wife’s birthday.  I think she had a pretty nice birthday this year, and I wanted to be poignant in that since in the past there have been years where we didn’t really do much.  Had a great dinner at Matt the Miller’s in Grandview, April got a couple things from Apricot Lane boutique in Polaris (cute clothes and in my opinion very reasonably priced), and her big day was Sunday the 5th Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert 2nd row at Crew Stadium.  I love tailgating at country concerts, we made instant friends with the people parked next to us!

Cross country season has begun, and the kids this year have already completely impressed and inspired me.  We have had absolutely no complaints about our increasing their training to include more mileage, as a matter of fact many of them have been outdoing what we are asking of them.  There is a real sense of team this year, and I expect we will have a really fun season.

This will serve as my July update, again a lot more actually happened in July these were just the highlights.  I’ll make it a point to drag myself out of bed early enough each day to put these posts together.  They help me to see what I am doing, where I can improve, and even rant about things at times.  From the feedback I have got from several people, they really enjoy reading my posts just because they are 100% real and I’m not afraid to just tell people about me and they connect with it.

Make every day great,



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