Thursday 8/9/12

After finally getting back to my blog yesterday, it’s funny because at times during the day it felt like it was a waste of time.  I spent the morning at work yesterday going through a home & auto quote that I am working on and sending the information on a commercial account that has been difficult to place.  In the afternoon, I began my targeted mailings again trying to reach out to basically every day care in central Ohio.  I’ve wrote one, have the applications out on a second, and am going to meet with the owner of a third on Monday.  I also started working on my targeted mailings for Hanover again as well.

I heard that our cross country team loved the distance fartlek run on Wednesday!  That is good to hear, we’re planning on being in the best shape we have ever had a team so hopefully that will translate to some good race times before the year ends.

I enjoyed another bible study in Revelations last night.  I am really getting a lot from it, but because my mind is so small it is really hard to see the vision that John is trying to show us.  It definitely helps to have a small group studying it together, that way we can bounce ideas of one another.

Probably the best part of the day though, was after we put the groceries away last night, sitting down on the couch and having my son cuddle up to me while he watched one of his favorite shows.  Then after he went to bed, my beautiful wife laid down on the couch and cuddled up while we watched some more Olympics.  I love just the small ways that those around us show us love.  I’m going to miss the Olympics, since they have brought us some family closeness, but maybe once they’re not on anymore I can get a little more productive!

Make every day great,




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