Friday 8/10

Yesterday at work was another great day!  I got the applications in on an auto & renter’s policy, saved someone with a DUI about 50 dollars a month on their auto coverage and increased their limits from 50/100 to 250/500!  Quoted a farm up near Youngstown for an organic farmer, I love organic food so that definitely hits the spot for me.  Get a fair amount of marketing done as well, sent the rest of my childcare brochures out and now I’m moving on to my next targeted line of businesses with tanning salons.

I didn’t get to enjoy the day with my family at the zoo, but from what I’ve been told it must have been a pretty awesome day.  Our son finally got up the courage to carry the nectar for the Lorikeet birds, and he told me about how they sat on his hand and drank their food from his cup.  Then April told me that there were baby tigers born at the zoo just 6 weeks ago, and this is the first that they were out.  We’ll definitely have to go back, because I want to see these cute little fur balls myself.  Since the weather was so cool and it rained early, the zoo wasn’t very busy and all the animals were active.  April also got to enjoy a concert, that from what I hear was pretty amazing.  Glad that she enjoyed her girls’ night out, we just relaxed at home, and I waited up for her to come home so I could hear all about her day.

So far this morning I have already got my butt kicked, I went and ran 6 miles with the cross country team.  I am ready for the first race, because I want to see just how good we can get!  Well that’s all I have for now, enjoy the day today!

Make every day great,



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