Monday 8/13

Feeling very blessed today.  I had a great prospect meeting with the Montessori school owner, and we had an awesome conversation about how great our Father is to us.  Too coincide with that, Cayden had his tubes put in his ears yesterday to hopefully help with the ear infections this winter.  It took 5 minutes to do, and within an hour he was back to his normal self.  It is hard to imagine that you can put a child under anesthesia and when he comes to, it’s like nothing even happened.

The rest of the work day went pretty well also.  I continued my work on marketing, and already felt the fruits of some of my most recent marketing labors.  I have been sending emails out to old clients of our office, and got a response by a guy that drops off mobile homes.  I finally got a response back on a real estate land sales business that I have been trying to get quoted for a long time.  Not too bad, now I’m hoping to get his commercial auto policy and E&O policy as well.  Once you put it all together it becomes a nice little package.  I got some nice social proof that I must be doing a decent job as an agent, one of our clients left a great note on our company facebook page.

The cross country team really stepped it up yesterday!  A lot of the kids ran the mileage I asked them to run, and several others went above their individual run lengths to challenge themselves and run with their teammates.  Today will be an easy run day, and then we’ll get into some work on Wednesday with hill repeats.

Make every day great,



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