Tuesday 8/14

Not a whole lot happened yesterday, got some quotes back on the Montessori school and riding facility I visited on Monday.  We did get a new program so that we can encrypt files we send via email.  I did get a personal lines referral, but as is usually the case, we started with a game of phone tag.  I’ll have a couple of renter’s  policies to quote today, and some follow-ups on previous quotes but it’ll mainly be marketing again.

Pretty quiet night around the house last night too, we did go out and play some soccer as family.  Cayden and I tried to stay out for at least an hour and half since it was so cool and relaxing out there.  We also blew bubbles for a little while, I love seeing how excited he gets with just some of the most simple things.  Family time is awesome!

So now I’ll finally get back to some good information about finances.  Kiptip #37 is a common theme if you do any looking into personal finance and retirement.  It mentions if you start putting away $200 a month when you get your first full time job (age 22), and continue to do so you’ll have around 1.2 million at age 67 based on 8% annualized returns.  I’m definitely a bit behind, but it gives us a goal to shoot for.  I think that it’s more important to get rid of debt, especially credit cards, where you are paying above 8% than to worry about the investing side for retirement.  Once the debt is gone, it is a lot easier to put money away.  Retirement funding is very important, plus depending on your earnings and job title you can put away a substantial amount with pre-tax dollars.  You may also be eligible to put money in a Roth account, which allows you to put away money now after-tax, but withdraw all the growth in the future without paying taxes.  If you enjoy finance and retirement funding you can definitely do this yourself, but for some people a qualified financial adviser would be the place to turn.  I would suggest you look for someone with a CFP designation, it at least helps to know that the individual has the minimum background knowledge.

Make every day great,



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