Thursday 8/16

Well, before I recount yesterday, I’m going to start with a Happy Birthday to my youngest brother who turned half my age today and as I told him on Facebook he’s about half my size!  I’m 30, he’s 15, but he has not hit the muscle growth yet that I’m sure will happen soon enough since everyone else in the family has the broad shoulders and strong build.

Yesterday I bound another account, renter’s and auto, not bad size just under a couple thousand dollars for the one year term.  Pouring on the marketing heavy this week, I am really trying to ramp this career up.  I’ve definitely gotten over being told “no thank you”, which seems to be a real break point for a lot of agents.  If you are afraid of hearing no, you don’t push as hard to get in front of people.  If you are only trying to quote accounts where you have a high chance of getting (above 90%) you’ll never get in front of enough people to make it in this career.

Just got off the phone with a mortgage lender, with great news, our closing is scheduled for next Tuesday and that will save us close to $200 a month on our mortgage and lower our rate to 3.75%.  Baby steps but finally moving in the right direction.  It’s amazing what having a little faith in the Lord has done to change my outlook on life, and just recognize the positives.

Cross country meets start tomorrow!  I’m pretty excited about that for sure, my favorite time of year.  Brisk Saturday morning races, and beautiful Saturday afternoon football games!  Just over a week until I get to see our team race and can really start gaining an outlook on what the future holds for our team.  Every day they are progressing, there is no doubt about that.

Make every day great,



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