8/18 & 19 weekend update

Well this weekend was a good one!  Starting with Friday night, when the family went to the park in Harbor Hills with the Johnsons to enjoy fellowship together.  We had a pizza picnic dinner and then spent time with the kids on the swings, slide, and teeter-totter.  On Saturday I got up early and went to my early Saturday morning bible study.  We had 6 people there this week, and our fellowship was  going for quite a while.  It is always nice to have a group of men get together and share their faith in the Lord and to help each other be accountable.

As soon as I got back to the house Saturday morning, April put me to work.  Ok, well she actually put all of us to work.  Her dad, brother, and brother’s friend all came out to help do some work around the house and then take a trip over on the lake.  We cruised around the lake for about 2 hours while April worked on her final papers for her master’s degree.

Sunday, I heard a sermon that totally nailed the same aspects of my life that I have been trying to focus on.  Not being pre-occupied with the things that are going on in life, and falling into a rut, but just focusing on returning to the Lord every time I realize that I am short of what He expects of me.

When we got home my wife made an awesome lunch, while Cayden and I went upstairs to play with the cookie monster playdough toy.  It’s fun to just sit and spend time with him and see how his mind is growing.  We then took off to my parents’ house so April could finish the last paper.  While we were there, dad and I went up to the field to measure out our course for the cross country team’s workout on Tuesday.  Cayden and I got home at 9 that night, and he went straight to bed.  Then I finally got to spend some nice quiet, and cuddling time with my wife.  I usually count my weeks from Monday through Sunday, so I must say it was the perfect end to my week!

Make every day great,



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