11 days of updates in a short post

So, I haven’t posted in 11 days, which I must say I’m disappointed in myself.  Since I last posted I have written 3 new accounts all personal lines.  I have another one that should get completed this weekend and I have a few other meetings set up to get some more quotes out there.

Since it’s been 11 days, I know I have posted anything about the workouts that the cross country team have been putting together.  They ran an excellent whistle drill (fartlek run) where we run at race pace for awhile, then back it down to a jog for recovery on the 21st.  They then put in a brutal hill workout in stifling heat on the 23rd and still came back and gave us excellent runs on last Saturday in their first cross country race of the season.  The girls’ team was one place away from a trophy and the boys’ team ran really well also.  It looks like we should have a really fun season.  They followed last week up with some tremendous 1000 meter repeats on Tuesday and a nice tempo run last night.  I think we are going to see some quick improvement the next time we are out to race.

I enjoyed a good afternoon last Sunday with my brother and April’s little sister as they prepared to start the school year at Kent State.  Looks like they should both have a fun year, man college life was great hopefully they really live it up!

Make every day great,



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