Once again…

So I have successfully once again, went 10 days without posting. 😦  It has been hard to keep up with so many things going on right now, but I have to find a way to make this a daily/regular thing.  I know that I don’t have a ton of readers, but more than anything it’ll help me to chronicle the things going on in my life and give me a better perspective as to where I have been.

Last week I wrote two new accounts, one a small contractor and the other a personal auto policy.  Not a lot of premium but a good start.  I went to the Columbus Young Professionals coffee networking last Wednesday and really had a good time.  It is nice to talk to other small business people about what we are each doing in our careers.  I got my first business referral last Friday for a day care, which is awesome to me!  I’m just going to keep plugging along to see if I can’t make this a great niche for me.  I’m also doing pretty well with the personal lines accounts that I have a chance at quoting, really trying to build a base for myself.

The cross country team has had two races since my last post, a road race at Millersport where almost everyone brought home a medal and a new experience running a cross country race down in West Virginia.  The course was awesome, probably one of my favorites I have ever seen.  Historically not a real fast course, and definitely not fast the day we ran, it poured down raining all morning and was pretty torn up.  There was one hill area that most of the kids almost had to bear crawl up to get to the top.  Our girls were really impressive, most of the team improved their times from two weeks ago, in the sloppy muddy mess.  The boys pretty much ran the same times they did two weeks ago, which indicates to me that they are getting in better racing condition because it really shouldn’t have been as fast.  Hopefully we’ll keep progressing because I would love to have 14 kids run at the regionals, we’ve had some regional qualifying teams in the past but never has both the boys and girls made it in the same year.

I started doing the Beachbody Insanity workouts this morning, just did the fit test and man did it kick my butt.  I have got to get in shape for so many reasons, and hopefully I can stay motivated to continue on this workout system.

Make every day great,



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