9/12 update

I didn’t get enough yesterday morning doing the Insanity workout (insert dripping sarcasm), so I ran hill repeats with the high school cross country team.  It went pretty well I can most definitely say they put me through a serious workout.  I guess it was actually my workout, since I came up with the idea but they pushed me to do more than I really wanted to for sure.

Yesterday was a very productive day at the office.  I didn’t write any new business, but I stayed very busy and got a lot of things done that needed to be accomplished.  Working on some new quotes today and some follow-ups with some quotes that I have recently completed.  I’ll also be getting out the pen to work on some more marketing materials, trying to stay relevant and be top of mind for businesses in the Newark and Heath area.

I pulled out my Kiplinger’s magazine and found something else that I need to take care of for the family.  I need to consolidate my student loans at www.loanconsolidation.ed.gov so I can hopefully lower my payments a little bit.  We’ve recently refinanced our mortgage and will be saving about 200 dollars a month there, just trying to keep plugging through the rest of our debts.  I think we’ll also be able to save .25% on our students loans by setting up an automatic payment for them.  It won’t really save us a lot of money in the short term in the amount of our payment, but with our total loan amount a .25% decrease over the entire length of the term will definitely help save us some money.  Trying to do what we can to put our family in the best position we can.  I also made a trade in one of our retirement accounts yesterday, sold my shares of Chevron stock (very few shares) and bought shares of PPL corporation as a nice dividend paying stock.

Make every day great,



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