Weekend cross country update

Well I spent the weekend home alone this weekend, since my wife and son went to Bloomington to enjoy a great game between Indiana University and Ball State.  Unfortunately Indiana did not come out on top, but it was without a doubt the most exciting football game I watched on Saturday from the couch.  Friday night after they hit the road, I sat down and watched Taken for the first time, awesome!  One of the best action shows I have watched in a very long time.  I followed Facebook to see how my high school football team was doing, they handled their business pretty easily.

Saturday morning was a beautiful morning for a cross country race.  While I was watching the high school boys’ race, I wasn’t really happy with what I was seeing out of our team.  Then, once the race was over I found out the kind of times we were running, and I realized that we ran really well.  I can easily get fired up in some of these races since there are certain teams that I want our team to challenge and I thought they were beating us worse than they really did.  The boys’ team finished right in the middle of the pack as a team, and we had personal best times acrossed the board.

The girls’ team ran next, and I was expecting a 2nd place finish as a team.  They didn’t disappoint, they ran just as well as the boys en route to their 2nd place finish.  Our front runner ran an awesome race, taking the lead right after the 2 mile and pushing the pace the rest of the way where she eventually broke away by 7 seconds.  Our number 2 runner put herself just off the top 10 in school history with her 21:00 race.  The rest of the girls all ran their best times of the year as well, and we are definitely defining our position to be in the battle to be a regional qualifying team.

Congratulations to all of our runners for their excellent runs this weekend!



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