Time for a market rant

So, I’ve been “perplexed” by this for quite some time.  Why is the stock market continuing to go up?  There really is no valid explanation for it.  The only reason why we are seeing positive run-ups in the stock market as a whole is do to the continuation of quantitative easing by the Fed.  I must be fair to Chairman Bernanke though, as he is not the only central banker that is artificially pumping cash into the system.  The EU is all over it as well.  The only real difference between the time that we are in today and the depression of the 30’s is that they actually allowed the free market to do what it is supposed to do, be free.  I’m not saying I would greatly enjoy seeing my retirement funds drop, but I would appreciate there being just a little honesty in the way the stock market is run.  I think that is probably enough for today, I will step down off my soapbox now.

Make every day great,



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