Another great day

So, after my rant yesterday morning the rest of the day settled down and rounded out to be another great day.  I actually left the office around 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon and dropped into a few of the day care providers that I have made it a priority to target and help the day care providers better understand their insurance coverage.  As I continue to meet with more and more day care business, I am more and more astounded by how poorly some agents interact with their clients.  At our office we can turn standard homeowner’s and auto insurance around in less than 24 hours, and depending upon the commercial business that we are quoting many of them can be done in less than a day as well.  Some businesses are a little more complex and it takes a little while to get them through the underwriting process, but for the most part we can get quotes with several of our carriers and have them back to the potential client within a day.  Out of the marketing calls I made yesterday, I have already gotten one opportunity to quote their day care!  I also just got news back as I was typing this that one of our former clients that I have been following up with via email, has responded and I have an opportunity to quote them as well.

Tonight is going to be a fun cross country meet night, since our girls’ team has a chance to win their first invitational in 10 years!  We’ll be missing one of our top 3 boys, but it should be exciting to see how the rest of the team responds to the challenge.  I recently went back and revised my rankings for the teams in Central Ohio and I would put both of our teams just outside of the final transfer spot to make it to regionals from districts.

I finally got back into studying for my life & health insurance license as well.  That is the next step in my professional development and improving myself, so that I can better serve my clients.

Make every day great,




One thought on “Another great day

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