Beautiful weather

Here in central Ohio, we have hit my favorite time of year, and the most beautiful weather one could enjoy.  The highs in the mid 70’s and the overnight lows in the low 50’s, make it perfect weather to be outside and enjoy just about any outdoor activity you could get into.  As a runner this weather is perfect for me, because I can enjoy a nice brisk workout while the weather is still cool in the morning, but even at the height of the temperature it’s still not unruly.  I think our cross country team must really be enjoying it too, since we had some excellent races on Wednesday night.  The girls’ team took home their first championship trophy in what I believe is 10 years (I’m not sure on that, but my guess is that team had to have won at least one meet).  The boys’ team which is going to be running the rest of the season without one of the top 3 runners and another of the top 3 was out for driving school, still managed a top 3 trophy.  All of the kids ran really well, and it should make for an exciting rest of the season.

I received confirmation that I should be finalizing an application for another day care this week which is pretty exciting.  It feels like every time I get a real opportunity to quote, I can probably write them.  I’ve come to learn more and more about my agent competition, and it just seems like most of them don’t properly understand the coverage needed for a day care nor the coverage they are providing.

Last night I struggled through my bible study of Revelation 12.  It is very imaginative, and I struggle with those types of contexts.  My brain (Math major) is very analytical, literal, and point-to-point driven.  When I got into things that are not highly structured my brain really struggles to pull everything together.

Make every day great,



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