Starting to cool off…

Well, here in central Ohio it has quickly dropped from summer to fall.  Some of these fall nights even feel more like that of a winter night.  I loved the weather this weekend, I just put a long sleeve shirt on or my lightweight Columbia fleece depending on the day.  We worked on getting somethings done around the garage/shed this weekend, taking some of our winter gear out and putting the summer clothes away.  Friday night, Cayden and I went to the Licking Valley game versus Granville until halftime.  He was so tired, that he fell asleep in my arms so we had to walk back down to grandma’s house so he could sleep.

The cross country team got in their last heavy week of training as we begin the taper for the post season meets for the seniors.  The rest of the team will still be running their regular week but the upper classmen are going to drop into workouts with the rest of the team.

I did enjoy a little bit of college football and pro football on TV, but I feel like I’m slowly getting away from the big time sports on TV.  I sat down and started reading a book this weekend, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  I’ve read all of his other books, and this one so far has not disappointed.  I’m not very far into it, but what I’ve read thus far has been very appealing.

We also enjoyed another great service at Vineyard Grace Fellowship on Sunday morning.  The message was absolutely solid, and just continued to help me put things in perspective in my life.  Even when I feel like I’m trying hard, I can now see that I can go so much further if I just go about it with the right frame of mind.

Make every day great,



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