So is it just me or was it a Manic Monday yesterday?  I felt like I was sprinting and sprinting and getting nowhere fast.  Unfortunately the manicness of yesterday continued into today, and this morning feels like I’m running on a treadmill at top speed (going fast but not getting traction).  I did manage to pick up a few more quotes, it is tough to keep the pipeline full but when it is I really feel like I can work hard and get some things accomplished.

Back to cross country practice tonight as I put the kids through another round of 1000 meter repeats.  Some of them said they liked these even less than the whistle drill, I’m not sure why, I always enjoyed doing 1000s and mile repeats and the whistle drill kicked my butt.

I’ve finally started to get a little more dedicated to doing a few different things in my life that I enjoy and want to continue to work at.  Last night Cayden and I went to the driving range and had a great time, for the most part.  He was getting a little crazy toward the end of the time out there, trying to hit multiple balls at the same time.  Which for the most part worked, but not really what I want him to learn!  He did hit a ball, somehow and managed to have it come up and hit him right in the face.  I hit the ball well with my irons, so hopefully that will transfer into the outing on Friday.  I also made sure to get some light reading (The Lost Symbol) in, and get back into my daily bible study.  Leviticus 21 shows us that our Lord is holy, and we must not be defiled to be in communion with him.

Make every day great,



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