Quick two day update

I believe that I am definitely getting sick right now.  Not like death sick or really anything all that terrible, just a nasty cold that has almost run my voice out of me.  This week has been crazy hectic and I feel like I am just consistently running behind.  Some things have finally started to break into a pattern for me, but others I find myself struggling to find time for.  The one aspect of my life that I feel like I really want to focus on is time with my family.  We spend a lot of time “together” but it doesn’t feel like it is fulfilling.  It is hard to not get complacent when you are around the same people every day but I need to challenge myself more to do the right things and be there for my wife and son the way they deserve.

One of my biggest issues that I feel I keep running into, is that I have so much to do that I just get stuck in a paralysis by analysis mode and get almost nothing accomplished.  This week I have finally gotten hard back into my bible study and I am really hopeful that it will help me to better understand my life and things that I am doing and/or not doing.  I need to work hard at getting back into a better prayer life situation, and really ramping up my life so that I can accomplish the things that God desires of me.

I did enjoy cross country practice on Tuesday, as we put most of the kids through their last full out heavy training session of the year.  Our teams find themselves in the throes of being regional qualifiers which would be awesome for them, and the only time our school would have put both the boys and girls’ teams into the regional.

Make every day great,



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