Beautiful weekend

This weekend was a beautiful weekend, that was very busy and very tiring.  The weekend is continuing into this week as well as we have a ton of stuff to do.  Really the craziness began Thursday night, as I went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting from 5-5:45, then I ran over to our son’s daycare to pick him up by 6:00, then drove out to the other side of town to drop him off to April, and finally went to get something to eat before heading to bible study at 6:45.  April took Cayden out to her dad’s house so he could go to the county fair with his papaw on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I played in a golf outing for our insurance agency, we didn’t do too bad we finished 7 under for the day.  We were very close to being 11 to 12 under, no chance at beating the 15 under winners but it was fun.

Saturday I enjoyed another cross country meet, and one that was really fun because we got to see new teams as well as run a pretty cool course.  It was definitely a tough course, since the kids had to finish uphill, which played into our teams’ hands.  My only complaint is that it took way too long.  We got there at 8:30 and didn’t leave until 2:15-2:30.  We continued to see improvement out of most of the high school and middle school runners.  The high school girls and our front middle school girl, specifically put on a clinic of how to finish a race.  If there was anyone ahead of them, they all passed somebody in the bottom loop or up the hill.  The boys’ team has continued to show me what we could see in the near future, we are a middle of the pack team with a lot of potential.  It’s fun to work with a bunch of underclassmen that will put in the effort to be successful.  While the meet was finishing up, April was at a baby shower for one of our best friends.  After the baby shower, she picked me up and we headed to the fair as well.  Cayden must have been getting restless, because he didn’t last too long at watching bull riding.

Sunday we went as a family to another outing for our insurance agency, as we played volleyball for the autism speaks foundation.  We had a good time, won one match and last two.  After that we stopped at the zoo for a little while to see some of Cayden’s favorite animals and so I could see the baby tigers for the first time.  They are absolutely adorable at 3 months old!  Then we finally made it back home, where we did some housework before we settled in for the night.  I think everyone was a little bit exhausted from everything, but a lot of things that as a parent you really have to enjoy.

Make every day great,



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