Great day to open the month!

This is the first month that I can say I got off to a roaring start as an insurance agent!  I wrote one of the daycare policies that I have been working on for a couple months, so that made the first day go well.  I got confirmation of a renewal policy that I had been waiting on, and as I was typing my update to open the month I got the signed application for a home/auto policy that we thought we might lose.  All in all, this month is off with a bang!

I am really excited about going to cross country practice tonight, to see how the kids are enjoying their first real drop in mileage for the year.  Not really much of a drop in the early part of the week, since they still got 7 miles in on Monday and will get about 5 in tonight.  Then throw in 6 on Saturday and we’re looking at only needing 12 more miles to round out the week in the other 3 days.  I’m hopeful that I will hear from the team today that their legs are not tired and the aches and soreness have started to subside.

Last night I walked into the hjouse to one of my favorite smells, chili!  I can eat chili just about anytime of the year but it is especially great when the weather is starting to cool.

This week is full of a lot of networking/marketing meetings.  I had a Columbus Young Professionals club meeting this morning and another will be on Friday for lunch, an AmSpirit meeting tomorrow, and a meeting with the Licking County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday after work.  A lot of things about this business are starting to get a little easier for me these days, and I feel like I can really start to make a difference.

Make every day great,



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