Auto Insurance Primer

Maybe back to reality is not a real fitting title here, more like back to blah yesterday.  For some reason I just felt like I never really got going to the level I want to get to each day.  Still excited about my start for this month, just trying to amp up my energy level.  I’ve got to get a copy of The Energy Bus and read it.  I know that somedays just don’t go the way we want, and on a positive note nothing horrible happened it was just a day.  All I can do now is just move forward and set my mind on completing the things that need accomplished.

I wanted to take a minute on this post to reply to a comment on a previous post about car insurance.  There are several things that the insurance companies take into consideration when they are pricing their risk and assigning the corresponding insurance premium.  The primary thing that will be looked at is the individual driver(s) and their previous auto experience (tickets, accidents, comprehensive claims, etc.).  Also, many insurance carriers are selective about which types of vehicles they will insure.  If you have a high horsepower exotic car, you know what I mean here.  Even some not so exotic cars, but ones that had a smaller run of total vehicles are difficult to get competitive pricing due to there not being many replacement parts available.

As an agent I recommend getting higher limits of insurance than many agents do, because our society has increasingly resolved to more lawsuits and claims than just taking care of the issues.  That is why liability insurance is so important, you can be held personally liable for injuries to someone in the case of an accident and it could essentially wipe out your financial life.  After liability insurance is when the rest of the auto insurance aspects should come into play, including Property Damage (damage to another car, building, etc.), Medical Payments (for those riding in your vehicle)and Collision and Comprehensive (for damage to your vehicle) with a deductible you can afford.

Just kind a primer to the world of auto insurance.

Make every day great,



One thought on “Auto Insurance Primer

  1. Dinorah Kea

    One thing I want to say is always that car insurance cancelling is a terrifying experience and if you’re doing the appropriate things like a driver you will not get one. A number of people do are sent the notice that they are officially dropped by their insurance company and many have to struggle to get additional insurance from a cancellation. Affordable auto insurance rates are often hard to get after a cancellation. Understanding the main reasons pertaining to auto insurance canceling can help owners prevent sacrificing one of the most important privileges readily available. Thanks for the ideas shared via your blog.


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