Another beautiful weekend

We spent a significant amount of the weekend this week away from home.  Friday night was fairly uneventful.  We did some clean-up around the house after we got out of our lease on our storage unit, which we had cleaned out completely on Wednesday night after work.  Trying to find a way to better afford where we are at in life today.

Saturday, April and Cayden ran errands and met with a lot of family and friends while I was working at a festival in Pickerington.  We met up at my parents’ house that afternoon, so Cayden could see his “aunt” Callie.  I went over and talked to the cross country team at their team gathering, since I didn’t get a chance to go to the race that morning.  The teams ran pretty well, and hopefully we’ll be able to continue the progression as we jump into the final weeks of the season.

Sunday we enjoyed another great service at Vineyard Grace Fellowship in Newark.  After church we ran home quickly and then went and enjoyed the parade hosted by the Buckeye Lake Fire Department.  After the parade they had hot dogs and bean soup at the firehouse, and Cayden wore his new halloween costume, a fireman.  He loves our neighbor, who is an assistant fire chief for the village and apparently wants to be like him.

This weekend I continued my personal bible study through Leviticus and also read some more of The Lost Symbol.  I’m now about 2/3 of the way through the book, and I can say that it is just about impossible to put it down.  Well, time to get on with the day.

Make every day great,



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