Hard to put it down…

The Lost Symbol has continued to draw my interest incredibly.  I can’t hardly put it down, and as I get further and further into it I’m being drawn in by the conspiracy theories that Dan Brown also brought about in The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.  The backstories in Angels and Demons didn’t pull me in the way that the other two have though.  I can easily fly through several chapters (very short chapters) and pages every time I sit down with the book.

My wife and I are now trying to look into buying the house where I grew up.  I recently saw it was sold back to the bank by the current owner, and it would be awesome for us to be able to get into not only a bigger house but be in the school district that we want to send our son to as well.  Not to mention, it would put us about a mile away from his grandma and grandpa on my side and within a half hour of April’s family.

Yesterday was a productive day of marketing, I’m working to get as many opportunities to quote insurance for people as I can.  I’m getting very close to being ready to obtain my life & health insurance license which should open up some additional revenue streams for me.  I’m hopeful to be able to really get this thing ramped up and rolling, it seems like God is giving me some real opportunity to serve Him by serving others.

Make every day great,



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