It’s been a long time

My last post was before our cross country team’s league cross country meet, and since then we’ve already competed at the District level.  Things went pretty much according to plan at the league level, the girls team had the individual champion, one 2nd team league runner, and an honorable mention.  The team subsequently finished 4th place overall, behind 3 really solid teams.  The boys’ team took a beating as we finished 8th out of 8, but it was hard to expect much more than that with 6 freshmen and 1 junior all of which were in their first year of high school cross country experience.  We did have 1 boy get 2nd team all league, in what is probably one of the toughest leagues in Ohio for division 2 & 3 schools.

Our district results, were  really tough to take.  Our girls finished 5th as a team, where only the top 4 teams move on.  They ran well, but the London team came and performed at the top of their game and took the last spot.  For the girls it has been an amazing season, and I wouldn’t change anything at all.  They all get along with one another, there is no animosity toward one another, and they all have great hearts.  We will get to continue on with our top girl runner to the regional level this Saturday, as she was 3rd place overall on Saturday.  It’ll be a lot of fun to see all of the girls come out to support her this weekend, as she attempts to make her second trip to the state meet!

Make every day great,



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