Glorious Tuesday

Every morning I wake-up, I must admit a lot of the time it is really difficult to get motivated to get moving.  Then something usually happens that gets the ball rolling in a positive direction.  This morning was really no exception, my wife got up first, hopped in the shower and then shortly thereafter our son came in to join me in bed for a few minutes.  When we finally got out of bed, we hurried to get breakfast and get him dressed for preschool.  Then they were off to school, and I got my shower and got ready for work as well.

When I got to work, I got a positive boost when I saw that another one of my prospects is going to become a client.  I wrote another personal auto policy, nothing big, but it’s always nice to 1. help people save money and 2. write business that will hopefully help to impact my family as well.  This afternoon I’ll be headed out to market some daycares in the Pickerington area as I try to push further into that niche market.

I’m sad that my season of cross country practices on Tuesday afternoons has come to an end.  I’ll just be meeting up with Dad and our number one runner on Thursday afternoon to run the regional course.  I plan on meeting up with them again next Thursday as we get her ready to run the state meet as well.

My wife and I are continuing to move stuff out of our home in hopes of selling it soon!  If we can get out of there I have a feeling we will be able to get into a house that is more fitting to our lives at a reasonable price and then we can really start to get everything rolling!

I’ve jumped into the next Vince Flynn book in the series for me, Memorial Day.  I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

Make every day great,



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