Lazy night

Last night was a lazy night around our house.  We have moved most of the things out of the home that we can take out before we have to get my dad’s pickup truck and make the full scale move back to their house for a few months while we attempt to sell our home.  I didn’t even read anything last night, I had all intentions of getting through a few chapters of Memorial Day by Vince Flynn and continuing to press through the Life and Health exam book for the state of Ohio but we fell asleep at about 8 o’clock last night.

Today has nonetheless been a relentless affair thus far.  Nothing really out of the ordinary, just plugging through an account that has turned into a problem due to what is nothing more than a misunderstanding of an insurance inspector.  Oh well, it is giving me plenty of opportunity to learn about one of our carriers and get some much needed experience in handling difficult situations.  I’m now moving on to some other things that I had pending for today to try and get through as much as possible and finish off the day with a fair amount of marketing.

My cold-call marketing yesterday was somewhat effective, I at least was able to get myself in front of a few people and just give myself some name/face recognition.  The struggle I’m sure will continue for quite some time, this isn’t a career that you just jump into and start making a six figure salary but hopefully one day it will be there!

Make every day great,



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