The weekend was a success

We did get most of our stuff moved out of our house this weekend so now we are ready to get in and start the small repairs and changes that we wanted to do while we lived there, but are really going to be necessary to sell.  We are moved in to my parents’ home, and it seems like we will be fine with living there for a little while as we get things straightened out financially and find a new home.

I’m starting to get back in the swing of my Saturday morning bible study group, and it is amazing just as it was when I stopped going to get through the cross country season.  I also got back into my personal bible study today and have now almost finished Leviticus.  So compelling, and always amazing, the foreshadowing that He gave us to let us know how we would be saved is awesome.

The Buckeyes dominated the second half at Penn State, and have left me wondering whether they could play for a National Championship if they were bowl eligible.  Not that it really matters, because it doesn’t appear there is a single team in the country that can compete on the level of Alabama.

The regional cross country meet on Saturday went exactly as planned, and as good as we could ask.  Our runner made her way to the mile with the lead pack, 5 total including her, and she stayed right with them through about the halfway point in the race.  By the two mile they had started to separate from her a little bit, but with really nothing on the line there wasn’t much point to kill herself and go with them.  She did what she had to do and qualified out to the State Meet, and now as a senior has a chance to go out with a bang.  Being around her and this team has been a lot of fun, and I hope that they all cherish the memories that they made together as the years go on.

Make every day great,



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