Book of Numbers

This was totally not what I was going to write about today, but it just feels like the Lord is telling me that I should.  Probably more so for me than anyone else, and just so that I can continue to remember that while I have “great” plans for myself and my family, His plan is where I need to be going.  The overriding theme in the book of Numbers is that, even though Israel are His chosen people, He does not shelter them from tough times.  Our American lives have become so easy, yet we find ways to either make things more difficult for ourselves or we just don’t recognize the opportunities that we have.  We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plenty of time to do the things that really are necessary.  We fixate on doing things we feel are necessary and not focusing on the things that truly matter, God, family, and fellowship.

I am so blessed all the time, but I fixate my views on being stressed and not blessed.  He does not desire for us to feel stressed, that is a feeling that we allow into ourselves because we allow ourselves to be lied to by the great deceiver.

My post today has nothing to do with anyone else, but just me in particular.  If you feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit from reading this, then that is probably a good thing.  Try to decentralize the focus of your life and day away from yourself, and remember what really matters and the blessings that are constantly being poured out around you.  He does not work on your timeline, it is up to you to get on His.

Be blessed & make every day great,



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