Great weekend and going to be a fun night

So, I haven’t written about it yet but our cross country runner finished 10th place over the weekend at the state meet which gave her all-ohio honors as well as getting to be on the podium.  It was a really awesome moment to be a part of, due to all of her work that she put into it, and being a part of the process as well.  When you watch the process from beginning to end and see the transformation, the ups and downs, and all the emotion and effort poured into accomplishing something come to fruition it’s one of the most inspiring and exciting things you’ll probably ever do.

Tonight will be the end of the season banquet for the team, which means we’ll be sending off 3 seniors.  This group of girls have really gone above and beyond to achieve the things that they have done and also to lead the rest of the team.  We will definitely miss having them there all the time, and I guess someone is going to have to take over the leadership role next season.  It’s always tough to see things change, like losing 3 varsity runners, but on the other side it is really pretty awesome as well.  Next year they’ll move on to another chapter in their lives, and I’m sure we’ll still continue to hear from them and follow-up with their future experiences.  They have set the bar very high, with almost no complaining ever and pushing themselves to levels that we hoped they could achieve but never really expected them to get to that level.  I can’t say that we’ll have other runners compete at the level that our top runner has this year, but if the future runners all work as hard as this group did we’ll have a really great future.

Make every day great,



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