Kicked my butt, but also uplifting

Yesterday was another great service at Vineyard Grace Fellowship.  I love that our pastor brings us the truth and allows us to deal with things the way He wants us to, and not the way the world wants us to.  It was pretty awesome to look at one of the slides our pastor put up on the screen about perceptions of how the church should act.  When the congregation looked at it, everyone in the room immediately “knew” that the way we should be was the right hand column.  Our pastor then encouraged the men and told us, those things in the left column God wants us to do.  I personally felt really encouraged to push forward and fully rely on God as He challenges me to be a warrior for my family.

Last night I also got to enjoy a great experience as leader of sorts.  While I am not the head cross country coach, I do feel like a play a small role in the leadership of the high school athletes I work with.  Our league had their banquet last night for the first team all-league athletes from football and cross country.  We only had the one runner up there, but she was there as the defending and repeat league champion.  I don’t think she realizes how inspiring she is to everyone around her, including the coaches, her teammates, and even other runners that just know of her.  She humbly accepted her second Runner of the Year award from the league.  I’m excited that we’ll get to see her run one last high school 5k cross country race, as she represents Ohio this weekend in the Mideast Cross Country Championships.  This has truly been a great season, and all of our seniors will be greatly missed next year.  The good side to that is, we know they’ll continue to come back and support their fellow teammates!  The group of kids that will still be there can hopefully complete another goal of mine, a team representing our school in the state cross country meet!

Make every day great,



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