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So, I’ve had this post written for a couple of weeks and I actually typed it all up one night but there was an error with the post and I’ve been putting off completing it again, but here it is now.

I’ve noticed that the majority of what you see talking about in the blog world is what challenges they expect 2013 to bring them.  My guess is that a lot of this comes from how negative our media has been consistently getting.  I’m going to spin that to point out what opportunities I believe 2013 is going to bring me.  In 2012, I pretty much took everything I had been doing in my life for the past 6 years and turned it upside down.

At the end of 2012, I got into an amazing company as a seasonal employee.  I’m hopeful that this position will continue to grow solidly into 2013 and possibly become a full-time position or allow me the opportunity to transfer to another area of the company where I can get in full-time.  Upon completion of a Christmas only 2nd seasonal position, I obtained an opportunity to work in a tax firm seasonally for a couple months.  While it is not a tax preparer role, which would be ideal, it can still help me get moving into my CPA testing.  I do have an interview coming up for a full-time career position next Wednesday that could be pretty exciting.

2012 did bring me to completing both my Property & Casualty and Life & Health Ohio insurance licenses.  I’m not completely sure whether I want to get appointed with a couple of insurance carriers and try to develop my own practice or not.  I feel like it may create a nice “marriage” with an accounting firm so it may make sense logically, but it will depend on the costs for sure.  With no real discretionary spending funds to speak of, any entrepreneurial ventures will be completely bootstrapped.

Something else that may present itself as an exciting opportunity is winemaking.  I have been helping a family member prepare his neighbor’s farm for grape production on a 3 acre section.  I’ve learned a lot about how to care for the grapes, but the only way to make good money off of grape farming is to complete the process and turn it into wine.  I’ve bought a book on wine making, and I am going to dedicate some time to reading and learning.  I also found a fairly inexpensive wine making kit to get started, and it will make about 25-30 bottles per attempt.

On the volunteer front, I am going to continue to work with my high school cross country team.  We had a lot of success this year, and I’d like to be a part of the continued growth of each of the kids and the teams as well.  The girls’ team will undergo a major change as we will be losing an All-Ohio runner and another of our top 5 scorers.  We’ll be getting another solid freshman joining the team next year, and they should battle to be a regional qualifying team.  This year our boys’ team started to take a step forward, but due to their youth (6 freshman in the varsity top 7) we still have a lot of room to grow.  I expect our boys’ team to battle for the regional berth as well.

Back on the entrepreneurial side, I am really going to work hard to start to monetize my different blogs.  I have four blogs in place, and a 5th that I really want to start soon that I want to use to help other runners improve their conditioning and give a chronicle of my own conditioning as I try to get back into “real” runner shape and not just an every once in a while jogger.  Depending on the time constraints I may also write about my ventures in wine making.

Now to the last and most important opportunities of 2013.  Growth in my relationship with God and my family.  I feel like 2012 led me to take some good steps in my relationships, but also recognize that there is still forever to go.  My wife and I started a full-year Bible study together that will lead us through the completion of the whole Bible in chronological order.  We’ve asked a couple that we are close with to meet once a week where we can discuss the sections of the Bible that we read that week.  I also want to continue in my own personal study, and continue in my pleasure reading.  It’s been a few years since I had kind of fallen away from reading fiction books but I’m so glad that I am doing more of that and less time watching the TV!

Make every day great,



Great weekend and going to be a fun night

So, I haven’t written about it yet but our cross country runner finished 10th place over the weekend at the state meet which gave her all-ohio honors as well as getting to be on the podium.  It was a really awesome moment to be a part of, due to all of her work that she put into it, and being a part of the process as well.  When you watch the process from beginning to end and see the transformation, the ups and downs, and all the emotion and effort poured into accomplishing something come to fruition it’s one of the most inspiring and exciting things you’ll probably ever do.

Tonight will be the end of the season banquet for the team, which means we’ll be sending off 3 seniors.  This group of girls have really gone above and beyond to achieve the things that they have done and also to lead the rest of the team.  We will definitely miss having them there all the time, and I guess someone is going to have to take over the leadership role next season.  It’s always tough to see things change, like losing 3 varsity runners, but on the other side it is really pretty awesome as well.  Next year they’ll move on to another chapter in their lives, and I’m sure we’ll still continue to hear from them and follow-up with their future experiences.  They have set the bar very high, with almost no complaining ever and pushing themselves to levels that we hoped they could achieve but never really expected them to get to that level.  I can’t say that we’ll have other runners compete at the level that our top runner has this year, but if the future runners all work as hard as this group did we’ll have a really great future.

Make every day great,


Fall is coming to an end

Let’s go back to what my original post for Wednesday was going to be about, the end of another season of our lives.  Fall coming to an end is always one of the more difficult seasons for me to close up.  Primarily due to the fact that winter comes, and we get stuck in the house for so long that it really lowers our mood and sense of productivity.  I’m going to focus on being as productive and positive as possible, because if I am ready to come out of the winter on fire then next year will undoubtedly get going in the right direction.

Another reason why I miss this time of year, is due to cross country season coming to a close.  This season is specifically going to be an awesome moment and a sad moment all at the same time.  Tomorrow, one of the best runners that I have ever been around ends her high school cross country career.  I look for her to have a great race, and I’m sure a continuation of a great running career as she heads off to college next fall.  I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun, and without a doubt she has set the expectations bar very high going forward.  I don’t expect everyone to race like she can, but anyone that puts in the hard work like she has will always have a role on our team.

Now for a positive note, I finally hit the weights again on Wednesday and have started to set up my exercise program.  Maybe, just maybe, I can turn this flabby body back into an athlete’s body.  On top of that, I also intend to get very intentional when it comes to studying to further my education and career this winter by plugging through the CPA coursework.  If I’m going to be inside while it’s dark, I might as well push myself!

Make every day great,


It’s been a long time

My last post was before our cross country team’s league cross country meet, and since then we’ve already competed at the District level.  Things went pretty much according to plan at the league level, the girls team had the individual champion, one 2nd team league runner, and an honorable mention.  The team subsequently finished 4th place overall, behind 3 really solid teams.  The boys’ team took a beating as we finished 8th out of 8, but it was hard to expect much more than that with 6 freshmen and 1 junior all of which were in their first year of high school cross country experience.  We did have 1 boy get 2nd team all league, in what is probably one of the toughest leagues in Ohio for division 2 & 3 schools.

Our district results, were  really tough to take.  Our girls finished 5th as a team, where only the top 4 teams move on.  They ran well, but the London team came and performed at the top of their game and took the last spot.  For the girls it has been an amazing season, and I wouldn’t change anything at all.  They all get along with one another, there is no animosity toward one another, and they all have great hearts.  We will get to continue on with our top girl runner to the regional level this Saturday, as she was 3rd place overall on Saturday.  It’ll be a lot of fun to see all of the girls come out to support her this weekend, as she attempts to make her second trip to the state meet!

Make every day great,


Another beautiful weekend

We spent a significant amount of the weekend this week away from home.  Friday night was fairly uneventful.  We did some clean-up around the house after we got out of our lease on our storage unit, which we had cleaned out completely on Wednesday night after work.  Trying to find a way to better afford where we are at in life today.

Saturday, April and Cayden ran errands and met with a lot of family and friends while I was working at a festival in Pickerington.  We met up at my parents’ house that afternoon, so Cayden could see his “aunt” Callie.  I went over and talked to the cross country team at their team gathering, since I didn’t get a chance to go to the race that morning.  The teams ran pretty well, and hopefully we’ll be able to continue the progression as we jump into the final weeks of the season.

Sunday we enjoyed another great service at Vineyard Grace Fellowship in Newark.  After church we ran home quickly and then went and enjoyed the parade hosted by the Buckeye Lake Fire Department.  After the parade they had hot dogs and bean soup at the firehouse, and Cayden wore his new halloween costume, a fireman.  He loves our neighbor, who is an assistant fire chief for the village and apparently wants to be like him.

This weekend I continued my personal bible study through Leviticus and also read some more of The Lost Symbol.  I’m now about 2/3 of the way through the book, and I can say that it is just about impossible to put it down.  Well, time to get on with the day.

Make every day great,


Great day to open the month!

This is the first month that I can say I got off to a roaring start as an insurance agent!  I wrote one of the daycare policies that I have been working on for a couple months, so that made the first day go well.  I got confirmation of a renewal policy that I had been waiting on, and as I was typing my update to open the month I got the signed application for a home/auto policy that we thought we might lose.  All in all, this month is off with a bang!

I am really excited about going to cross country practice tonight, to see how the kids are enjoying their first real drop in mileage for the year.  Not really much of a drop in the early part of the week, since they still got 7 miles in on Monday and will get about 5 in tonight.  Then throw in 6 on Saturday and we’re looking at only needing 12 more miles to round out the week in the other 3 days.  I’m hopeful that I will hear from the team today that their legs are not tired and the aches and soreness have started to subside.

Last night I walked into the hjouse to one of my favorite smells, chili!  I can eat chili just about anytime of the year but it is especially great when the weather is starting to cool.

This week is full of a lot of networking/marketing meetings.  I had a Columbus Young Professionals club meeting this morning and another will be on Friday for lunch, an AmSpirit meeting tomorrow, and a meeting with the Licking County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday after work.  A lot of things about this business are starting to get a little easier for me these days, and I feel like I can really start to make a difference.

Make every day great,


Beautiful weekend

This weekend was a beautiful weekend, that was very busy and very tiring.  The weekend is continuing into this week as well as we have a ton of stuff to do.  Really the craziness began Thursday night, as I went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting from 5-5:45, then I ran over to our son’s daycare to pick him up by 6:00, then drove out to the other side of town to drop him off to April, and finally went to get something to eat before heading to bible study at 6:45.  April took Cayden out to her dad’s house so he could go to the county fair with his papaw on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I played in a golf outing for our insurance agency, we didn’t do too bad we finished 7 under for the day.  We were very close to being 11 to 12 under, no chance at beating the 15 under winners but it was fun.

Saturday I enjoyed another cross country meet, and one that was really fun because we got to see new teams as well as run a pretty cool course.  It was definitely a tough course, since the kids had to finish uphill, which played into our teams’ hands.  My only complaint is that it took way too long.  We got there at 8:30 and didn’t leave until 2:15-2:30.  We continued to see improvement out of most of the high school and middle school runners.  The high school girls and our front middle school girl, specifically put on a clinic of how to finish a race.  If there was anyone ahead of them, they all passed somebody in the bottom loop or up the hill.  The boys’ team has continued to show me what we could see in the near future, we are a middle of the pack team with a lot of potential.  It’s fun to work with a bunch of underclassmen that will put in the effort to be successful.  While the meet was finishing up, April was at a baby shower for one of our best friends.  After the baby shower, she picked me up and we headed to the fair as well.  Cayden must have been getting restless, because he didn’t last too long at watching bull riding.

Sunday we went as a family to another outing for our insurance agency, as we played volleyball for the autism speaks foundation.  We had a good time, won one match and last two.  After that we stopped at the zoo for a little while to see some of Cayden’s favorite animals and so I could see the baby tigers for the first time.  They are absolutely adorable at 3 months old!  Then we finally made it back home, where we did some housework before we settled in for the night.  I think everyone was a little bit exhausted from everything, but a lot of things that as a parent you really have to enjoy.

Make every day great,