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Tuesday 8/14

Not a whole lot happened yesterday, got some quotes back on the Montessori school and riding facility I visited on Monday.  We did get a new program so that we can encrypt files we send via email.  I did get a personal lines referral, but as is usually the case, we started with a game of phone tag.  I’ll have a couple of renter’s  policies to quote today, and some follow-ups on previous quotes but it’ll mainly be marketing again.

Pretty quiet night around the house last night too, we did go out and play some soccer as family.  Cayden and I tried to stay out for at least an hour and half since it was so cool and relaxing out there.  We also blew bubbles for a little while, I love seeing how excited he gets with just some of the most simple things.  Family time is awesome!

So now I’ll finally get back to some good information about finances.  Kiptip #37 is a common theme if you do any looking into personal finance and retirement.  It mentions if you start putting away $200 a month when you get your first full time job (age 22), and continue to do so you’ll have around 1.2 million at age 67 based on 8% annualized returns.  I’m definitely a bit behind, but it gives us a goal to shoot for.  I think that it’s more important to get rid of debt, especially credit cards, where you are paying above 8% than to worry about the investing side for retirement.  Once the debt is gone, it is a lot easier to put money away.  Retirement funding is very important, plus depending on your earnings and job title you can put away a substantial amount with pre-tax dollars.  You may also be eligible to put money in a Roth account, which allows you to put away money now after-tax, but withdraw all the growth in the future without paying taxes.  If you enjoy finance and retirement funding you can definitely do this yourself, but for some people a qualified financial adviser would be the place to turn.  I would suggest you look for someone with a CFP designation, it at least helps to know that the individual has the minimum background knowledge.

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Thursday 6/28

Wednesday was an eventful day!  I was pushing through my work day following up on several quotes I had out, as well as ones where I was still missing information.  I got out and took pictures of the home of my first client early in the day as well.  I was planning to spend almost the entire afternoon on marketing, when I got a call from our son’s preschool that he was still there (he is done at noon over the summer) and needed picked up.  When I got there to get him, my wife had already been there to get him.  Pretty scary to get a call at work that your wife hadn’t been there to get him on time, and that you can’t get ahold of her on her cell phone.  I was definitely scared that she may have crashed somewhere and couldn’t make contact with anyone.

We took the afternoon and went out to the country to meet with her dad about his auto quote that I gave him last week.  Things are looking good to go forward with his quote, and while we were there I got the information to quote one of her brothers as well.  So what looked like a busted day, ended up fairing pretty well.  We got to enjoy some time at the pond fishing and I got some business completed too!

Kiptip #31 is all about tossing paper files you dont need anymore.  I am totally using this tip myself for sure.  I started throwing away some old bank receipts, credit card statements, etc. this last week.  Then some of the old paper files that do still need kept, I am starting to scan in and save them as a pdf for easier access and to clear some space in our house which is at a premium.  There are several companies that allow you to store information free on their server as well, so if your computer goes down and you can’t restore the documents the items you need can be accessed later from their website so you don’t lose those important items!

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First commercial account to quote

Yesterday was another day of primarily working on marketing materials.  I did quote a single auto that is looking like it will be another bind, so that is pretty awesome.  Then as we were about to close the office for the day, we got a call for someone looking for a farm policy.  I don’t think they will need an actual farm policy since they just own the farmland and will be leasing it to local farmers, just a standard lessor’s risk type policy form on the liability side and I’ll need to see if they have any silos or farm buildings that need insured.

Again skipped the planned workout for yesterday and I didn’t get the morning run in, so I probably will not be doing what I need to do again today.  Did get a few small things worked on around the house, although it’s the items that never cease: laundry and dishes.

Leviticus 9:24 “Then fire cam out from before the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the portions of fat on the altar; and when all the people saw it, they shouted and fell on their faces.”  How often are we so blessed with seeing His glory, yet we do not respond to Him?  He is always doing amazing things we just need to be able to recognize them.

Kip Tip #29 is one that everybody needs to look into at least yearly, “Track down lost loot”.  Unclaimed.org is a great place to start looking for unclaimed funds from abandoned property and/or abandoned bank accounts.  Another good site to check is www.missingmoney.com.


Marketing day

Yesterday was kind of slow in regards to quoting of business that I already had in the pipeline and getting new business in, so I spent most of my day working on marketing.  My letter for day care marketing is ready and a few of them will be going out in the mail today.  This is a small niche that I feel really passionate about, because I love to see growth in children and I know that by helping out the wonderful people that work to build the children up, I am in a small way contributing to their success.

I once again skipped my workout, I also skipped it this morning, so it looks like I’ll have to get my run in this evening.  My little brother ran a few sprints yesterday to test his 40 yard time.  I didn’t think it was too bad and it gives him something to build on.  I enjoyed our home group bible study last night and particularly liked what I heard in the bible study podcast I listened to yesterday.  “And he was saying to them, ‘A lamp is not brought to be put under a basket, is it, or under a bed?  Is it not brought to be put on the lampstand?'” – Mark 4:21 This really pressed me to think in what ways do I not let the Lord’s light shine in my life?  How do I try to hide things that I have done or said that do not allow the light to shine for others to see?

Kip Tip #26, how do I find the right person?  What a great question, regardless of whether you are seeking out financial advisors, insurance agents, or some other professional.  The key is to ask the right questions.  Find out if they have other clients with the same characteristics that you have.  Make sure that they are available to meet with you, you shouldn’t go with someone who doesn’t have the time to have face to face meetings or phone calls but is just all about high volume turnover.  The main key is getting to know the person with whom you will be working, make sure that they are willing to be open and honest with you.

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First client

On Friday, I was able to obtain my first client other than myself.  It was a pretty exciting day for me and a real boost of confidence to the beginnings of this new career.  I feel like I have a few more opportunities coming up real soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to secure those accounts as well and have a great first month.  I’ve exceeded the premium goal that the agency owner put in place for the first month, so that is good, but I’m impatient and want to take on the world!  Today will be more marketing for sure, I’ve got to reach out to the daycare facilities in Licking County.

My exercising is again falling off the wagon, I have got to find someone to hold me accountable to my workout plans every day.  Send me an email or message me on facebook or something, because I need to keep things rolling.

Had a great weekend for Father’s day, I love being a dad.  Right now my son is going through an independence stage, but it’s funny when he reaches back out to get some help.  I love being there for him.  Read an awesome quote by Jon Gordon, “I don’t want my child to be what I want him to be.  I want him to be everything that God created him to be.”  This is without a doubt my thought on being a dad too.

Make sure you do at least an annual review of your investment portfolio (be that 401k, IRAs, taxable accounts, etc.).  Were they areas that fell short of what you expected?  What about high flyers?  Make sure that at least annually you are rebalancing your portfolio, because it is very likely that the investment that did the best last year, will not continue to outperform in the next year.  Another very important thing to review is how much you are paying in fees.  If there are similar investments that you are looking into, consider taking the one that has lower fees.  Lower fees = higher returns if both funds have essentially the same underlying investments.

Also, a quick not of congratulations to Webb Simpson for his outstanding performance at the US Open.  Solid under par round on Sunday, way to bring it!

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After dealing with a laptop keyboard that is absolute trash, it is finally fixed today. I took the keyboard off and am just running a standard keyboard through the USB on our home computer.

Yesterday at work I had a couple hours of meetings so it felt like I just didn’t get anything accomplished.  Then, when I was actually working on getting some quotes done and out, the carrier’s website that I needed to use quit working due to server issues.  Oh well, I’ll just jump in early this morning and get everything taken care of today.

I also finally got back to running on my favorite bike path yesterday (just 3 miles) after going to get my hair cut.  I needed the hair cut drastically because my hair grows waaayy too fast.  I’m planning on getting back over to the bike path on Sunday as I try to go for a long run (10 or 11 miles).  And for those of you that know me, or don’t know me but see me running, I know that I don’t look like a runner but try not to stare at me like you can’t believe I am running.  From what I have heard from my siblings, the workout plan is going good for our youngest brother maybe he’ll put on some muscle weight and pound some people on the ice.

I’m excited about getting together with my small group to continue our study of Revelations, first time I’ve ever been in the book, and it has been great so far.

Back to finance section now, Kiptip #20 is one of my favorites.  Avoid dubious tipsters, if you know someone that works for a company that tells you about something that may be happening at the company and you act on the purchase or sale of the stock, you may get pulled up on an insider trading charge.  Don’t ever take specific investing advice from family, is it really worth losing the love of a family member over a stock loss?  If you are getting cold calls about getting into a stock, guess what they probably already own it and are trying to push the price up so they can unload it.  And last but certain not least, don’t be a lemming.  If everyone else is getting in to it, a bubble is being created which is obviously going to pop, nothing can go up forever.

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I can honestly say that as of right now, I am no longer dreading every single Monday.  Don’t get me wrong I love my weekend, but now every conversation I have can potentially lead me to a new prospect so work is just part of my everyday life.  Saturday was pretty quiet, but Cayden and I did hit up the KOA car show Saturday night.  Saw a lot of nice older cars, and once again was reminded just how much I want to build a muscle car with my son.  Sunday was great, we spent the day at the pool as a family.  We could definitely do that just about everyday, Cayden would live in the water if possible.  After we came home and had dinner, Cayden and I hit the store to give April a chance to work on her master’s program work and we enjoyed some Josie’s frozen yogurt.

Spent Monday working on 3 quotes and went to meet with a family friend to get their information to give them a quote as well.  Tuesday included making some revisions to one of the quotes from Monday, and working on 3 other quotes for insurance.  I’ve heard back on 2 that they are looking good, so I’m pretty excited about that.  Continuing to work on networking and marketing all the time, sent some introductory letters to my hometown in hopes of drumming up some business there.  My next marketing push is going to be for day care facilities, which are near and dear to my heart having a child in preschool and an awesome early childhood educator as a wife.

I’m 2 for 2 this week on working out!!  Nothing crazy, but 3 miles on Monday and 4 for Tuesday with a set each of leg raises, situps, and pushups each day.  I’m going to make this marathon happen!  I also started “training” my youngest brother for hockey, I’m just making his workout plans and then he’s on his own to make it happen but our other brother will push him I’m sure.

Back to my review of the 50 kip tips, Kiplingers has a great section about perks that you can get from your credit cards many of which I was unaware of.  Some cards will extend a manufacturer warranty for up to a year, some will offer reimbursement on purchases you make with the card that are stolen or broken, and one in particular reimburses you for up to $3,000 for damaged or lost luggage (Visa Signature).  This are some pretty awesome perks, and I was glad to see that the next kip tip mentioned, if you are using cash back or other reward cards, remember if you don’t pay them off each month you are probably defeating the purpose of the reward card.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get everything caught up.

Make every day great,