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Starting to cool off…

Well, here in central Ohio it has quickly dropped from summer to fall.  Some of these fall nights even feel more like that of a winter night.  I loved the weather this weekend, I just put a long sleeve shirt on or my lightweight Columbia fleece depending on the day.  We worked on getting somethings done around the garage/shed this weekend, taking some of our winter gear out and putting the summer clothes away.  Friday night, Cayden and I went to the Licking Valley game versus Granville until halftime.  He was so tired, that he fell asleep in my arms so we had to walk back down to grandma’s house so he could sleep.

The cross country team got in their last heavy week of training as we begin the taper for the post season meets for the seniors.  The rest of the team will still be running their regular week but the upper classmen are going to drop into workouts with the rest of the team.

I did enjoy a little bit of college football and pro football on TV, but I feel like I’m slowly getting away from the big time sports on TV.  I sat down and started reading a book this weekend, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  I’ve read all of his other books, and this one so far has not disappointed.  I’m not very far into it, but what I’ve read thus far has been very appealing.

We also enjoyed another great service at Vineyard Grace Fellowship on Sunday morning.  The message was absolutely solid, and just continued to help me put things in perspective in my life.  Even when I feel like I’m trying hard, I can now see that I can go so much further if I just go about it with the right frame of mind.

Make every day great,



Weekend cross country update

Well I spent the weekend home alone this weekend, since my wife and son went to Bloomington to enjoy a great game between Indiana University and Ball State.  Unfortunately Indiana did not come out on top, but it was without a doubt the most exciting football game I watched on Saturday from the couch.  Friday night after they hit the road, I sat down and watched Taken for the first time, awesome!  One of the best action shows I have watched in a very long time.  I followed Facebook to see how my high school football team was doing, they handled their business pretty easily.

Saturday morning was a beautiful morning for a cross country race.  While I was watching the high school boys’ race, I wasn’t really happy with what I was seeing out of our team.  Then, once the race was over I found out the kind of times we were running, and I realized that we ran really well.  I can easily get fired up in some of these races since there are certain teams that I want our team to challenge and I thought they were beating us worse than they really did.  The boys’ team finished right in the middle of the pack as a team, and we had personal best times acrossed the board.

The girls’ team ran next, and I was expecting a 2nd place finish as a team.  They didn’t disappoint, they ran just as well as the boys en route to their 2nd place finish.  Our front runner ran an awesome race, taking the lead right after the 2 mile and pushing the pace the rest of the way where she eventually broke away by 7 seconds.  Our number 2 runner put herself just off the top 10 in school history with her 21:00 race.  The rest of the girls all ran their best times of the year as well, and we are definitely defining our position to be in the battle to be a regional qualifying team.

Congratulations to all of our runners for their excellent runs this weekend!


Week 4 of football Friday in Ohio

I doubt that I will be headed to the game tonight for my high school, since it looks like a game that they should win fairly easily.  It’s on the road and I don’t really need to add the extra mileage of driving back to Columbus from home after work.  The cross country team put together a strong fartlek workout last night, and look to be ready to go in their races tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping to see our top runners show some pop this weekend, although their legs are probably still tired from training.

My wife and son will be taking off for Indiana University tonight to go and watch our friend who plays defensive end for them.  Should be a tough game for them, I know they have struggled with Ball State in the past.  I’d love to be going myself but I’d rather be here to help with the cross country team.  When I say help it really just involves some pre-race pep talking and then a lot of yelling during the race, I don’t do much at the race but it’s always fun.

I didn’t get my workout in this morning, but since I’ll be home alone tonight I’ll make sure to get something done tonight.

Yesterday I received another day care prospect due to my marketing of that niche for insurance.  I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get a competitive price, and I know that I’ll be able to get their operation better liability coverage.  I put out a few more quotes yesterday and am just continuing to try and fill the pipeline with prospects.  It’s been another slow month to start, I’m hoping to come through and have a big second half this month.

Make every day great,