Day 4

Another day of falling short in some areas but completing some things that needed to be done as well.  I know that I set high goals for myself on a daily basis as well as yearly and career, so the odds of me hitting goals in the time frame I present them are pretty unlikely.  I also find that I waste a lot of time, which also makes it hard for me to hit my goals.  Today, I wanted to get a decent workout in and got nothing (raining outside again this a.m. but I could have done my cardio on my bike), work on my ADV-2 (didn’t even touch), review my stock portfolio (barely touched, didn’t update one system) and work on the shelves for my son’s room.

Well, I got up as scheduled at 4:10 a.m. went downstairs and fell back asleep on the couch.  I woke up at 6:50, which is very tight to my window of leaving at 7 a.m. to get to work.  So straight into the shower I went, got dressed, took the trash and recycling down to the curb and headed off to work.  Work for some reason was very stressful today.  Probably because I got so backed up from taking one day off and I have a bunch of different people looking for my input on the project.  I plodded my way through quite a bit of email and did as much as I could, it’s still going to take a few more days to get things back under control.

I got home tonight and brought the bins back into the garage.  We didn’t really do much this evening just kind of relaxed around the kitchen with the kids.  Our son already has the day scheduled off tomorrow due to the -25 degree wind chills expected for tomorrow.

I finally started transporting some of my wood to the basement to work on the shelves around 8:30-9:00.  I worked on getting a lot of the measurements done and got 1 of many cuts done.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the rest of the first shelf done tomorrow night.

Here’s to making another effort (hopefully better) tomorrow.

Make every day count.


Days 2 & 3

Combining the last two days due to being out of town on a mini winter vacation.  This is something we have done both of the two years that we’ve had both children, we took them to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio.  It’s not too far away and being able to wander around their indoor water park (with the temperature set at 84 degrees) is pretty nice.  My son doesn’t do a lot of the slides, but he actually did enjoy going on the water coaster with me this year.  I had to coax him quite a bit, but after we did it he really enjoyed it.  Our daughter is a completely different story, she’s a daredevil.  She’ll ride just about anything that you take her on.  She wasn’t a big fan of the tube water slides, she likes the open top.

The exercise game struggled while we were gone.  I did end up with 13000 steps and about 6.5 miles of walking yesterday but no running or higher intensity stuff to get the heart pumping.  Today was much more modest at 7000 steps and about 3.5 miles.  Still no heart pumping workouts.  I had my stuff on to go out and endure a night run, but as soon as I was walking out the door it started pouring down rain.  I don’t need to challenge myself to a 41 degree run in the rain right now, I have a long way to go before something like that would make sense.

Tonight I worked through about 45 minutes of stock research.  I am diligently testing all of my systems against Agilent stock.  I finished running through the technical system, today and currently show that I should be long the stock and up significantly on the buy price.  I will be going back into the system to account for dividends as well.

For now, it’s time to call it a night.  I am hoping to get a run in tomorrow morning before I head off to work.  If not, I’ll jump on the bike for a while.  I also need to commit some time to work on my ADV-2, continuing the stock research project, and starting to build the shelves.

Make every day count.

Day 1 of 365

Today I will consider as day one.  The first day of a new year, the first day to write down what I accomplish each day.  The day to write what I am working on and where I am challenging myself to go further.  It will focus on me, the things I like, and am doing to make myself better.  Better in several different ways, so it may feel like the writing is all over the place but it has a purpose to someone, me.

I got back outside for a run, and I did it the old school way.  The way I ran when I was younger and confident in my abilities, in shorts.  It was around 24 degrees when I went out the door with a windchill around 15 but something about it made me feel confident.  I was slow, 2 miles in 19:25 but I don’t care.  It’s a starting point a place to build on.

I took my daughter with me to the hardware store, it’s funny the looks people give you when you have a 2-year-old girl in tow at the hardware store.  We don’t mind, some people give you that smile that says “well-done sir, teach her well” others give you the look of disgust.  I don’t know why, she’s (almost) 2, and I want her to learn to be strong and independent (she already is).  We bought some stuff to build floating shelves for my 10-year-old son’s room.  My wife and I are going to surprise him next weekend because he is spending the night with his grandma to give us the opportunity to work on it.

All of these things happened after the 10-year-old scared us to death.  He wanted to go outside to shovel the driveway, no problem by me since I usually do it.  Even though I like doing it, it’s a good opportunity for him to understand hard work and appreciate the things that other people do for him.  He wasn’t outside for more than 15 minutes when my wife checked out the front door to see how he was coming along.  He was gone. She was slightly panicked as she asked me where he was, and I replied “outside”.  I went to the back door to look and he wasn’t there either.  I went outside and yelled for him from the front and back doors, no response.  By this time, full-blown panic had started to ensue.  She called the police, I started calling the neighbors.  None of them had seen him.  I left the porch from a few houses up and saw a couple of kids playing in the snow in the cul-de-sac behind our house.  I yelled to them, and that was where he was.  They were not out when we first started looking, and he obviously was on their porch asking if they wanted to play in the snow.  Well, he didn’t get to play in the snow.  He came home, explained to the police officers what happened and then spent the day cleaning his room.  If you have never felt that fear of thinking someone has stolen your child, I pray that you never do.  It is one of the scariest things that you can imagine.

Everyone else in the house is off to bed, it’s time for me to do a little stock research and then head to bed myself.  Until tomorrow, keep pushing forward.

8/30/18 It all falls down again

So, it’s been two weeks since the last post and he has still been struggling.  Lifting weights one day a week, working several football scrimmages and games, and finishing up some of the last items that needed to be completed to sell their rental property.  He has struggled to keep up with his day to day plans that will help him achieve his long-term goals.  He continues to spread himself to thin and not just work certain items through to fruition and then gets stuck with many balls in the air which usually fall to the ground.

Over the weekend he went to the mall with his family.  He does love to spoil his wife and children even though financial freedom stresses him out.  He also loves to read books, this weekend he picked up a new book for him which is vitally important called One Year to an Organized Life.  Organization is below what you would consider a strong suit, it’s more like something that doesn’t even cross his mind.  You would think a man with a degree in Mathematics would have some organization skills, but he loves the order of math and struggles with order in most every other way.

He has also deleted most of the games from his phone because he knows that allows them to distract him from the things he most needs to accomplish.  Slowly inching forward, he has just about finished the introduction of the book and has seen several items just in the introduction that shows him how far he has to go.  This morning he did get up at his scheduled time of 4:15 a.m.  He didn’t get a workout in, but he did get some reading done in his new book as well as did the dishes before he got ready for work.  In the meantime, he also lolly-gagged around and wasted away more time than he would care to admit on social media.  After a quick shower and getting ready for work, he left the house around 6:30 to make sure he had plenty of time to get to the office by about 7:15.  He worked until 3:30, a day that was full of hours upon hours of meetings.  He does a pretty good job of being decisive at work, which makes him question whether doing that all day negatively impacts his mental state away from the office.

After getting home from work around 4:15, he again kind of just laid around and wasted time until he had to get his son to karate.  They left for the dojo around 5:15 and went for just one class tonight.  It was a great time while they were there, he read his book for a while and wrestled with his daughter on the mats for a while too.  On the way home, he stopped and got pizza since his wife was at work.  They ate dinner together at the table, he put Mickey Mouse on for his daughter to watch after getting her ready for bed.  They watched it together and then he went talked to a few of his officiating buddies to plan the weekend of football games.  After putting his daughter to bed it was too late to work on finishing the frame for her bedroom so he called it a night and planned out what he was going to work on the next day.

8/14/18 The Beginnings of Change

After many years of lip service, he finally sat down and forced himself to start putting on paper the things that were trapped inside his head.  The things that haunted, pushed, pulled, and generally just overtook his mind on a day-to-day basis.  That sounds easy enough, but to someone who has always primarily kept his thoughts to himself and feigned strength to the outside world while he battled his internal thoughts it is not just so.  There he was, sitting in the dining room of his comfortable middle-class home, alone.  His family was off at his son’s karate class so he had the opportunity to really sit down and just let his brain spew things onto paper.  Business ideas primarily, because he had wrestled for years with the thought of working for himself and not just going to the office and doing the “normal” thing.  It was time for him to truly set a course in his life that he wanted, and not just pursue the things that he thought he should want.

The morning of 8/14 started the way most days started, he woke up at 4:15 a.m. and wandered downstairs to get ready for the day, only to fall asleep on the couch until 6:30.  Really, it was pretty normal for how things had been going for the prior two months.  After getting up from the couch, he hurried through the morning routine, shower, get ready for work, and then out the door, he went.  He arrived at work just before 8 a.m. and fumbled into his standard routine at the office.  Around 9 a.m. he went with a couple of colleagues to get some coffee in the cafeteria.  Then, back to his desk he went, where he idled through another hour before his first, and only, meeting of the day.  It was at the conclusion of that meeting that he realized he really needed to chart out his own day the way he wanted, and then find a way to follow that path.  Around noon, he met with a colleague that he worked with at a couple of previous employers and had a nice chat.  They discussed where their careers had gone since they last worked together about 5 years prior.  He had just continued to be a cubicle jockey, while his colleague, truly also a cubicle jockey, had jumped into the world of IT consulting.  The colleague seemed to really enjoy his freedom as a consultant, and also specifically mentioned that it paid quite well.  Through the afternoon he continued to push to complete the tasks that he needed to get done for the day, knowing that in the evening he would spend more time getting things out of his own head and onto the paper he would sit before himself.

Then came that brain dump, he started to formulate not just the ideas in his head but time frames, a schedule for his following day, as Jocko Wilink says Discipline Equals Freedom.


Why I Bought Unum Healthcare Today

In the past I have focused on two strategies for my stock investing.  The original one that I started with is what I would call “Quantitative, Fundamental, Technical”.  It focused on finding an industry sector that is performing well (Quantitative analysis).  From there I would start to dig into the best company fundamentally within that sector and then look at the technicals as well.  I would rank those companies that paid a dividend and also were profitable on 16 different aspects and then purchase shares in the one that came out with the best overall rating.

The second investing style that I started utilizing was strictly technically based.  I would look at short term, medium term, and a long term moving averages and then select those over different industries to diversify this portfolio.  To simplify this as much as I can to write this here is as follows:  I would watch for when the stock price was above the short term moving average and where the medium term had just recently crossed above the long term moving average.

My new system is strictly focused around the fundamental analysis of the business and starts with the P/E ratio.  If you look at the P/E ratio of Unum Healthcare, it is currently trading at 9.63 times their trailing earnings and 8.19 their forward earnings.  I’m looking at their historical average P/E ratios for the 5 and the 10 year terms, which are 15.12 and 10.88.  That puts Unum at 37% below their 5 year average P/E and 12% below the 10 year average.  Other positives in the fundamental valuations of the company are the P/B ratio where typically these companies are bought at values around 30% above their book value, Unum currently trades at 5% below their book value so if they were to be bought out you would look for a significant premium to be attached to a bid for their company.

Now for some tough spots that we have noticed on the fundamental side.  The current price is at 71 times the cash value that they have on hand.  The cash amount will be growing again though as they only trade at 8 times their free cash flow amount.

They do pay a decent dividend of 2.2% and over the past few years they have increased the annual dividend rate by 3.67% over the last 3 years and 9.14% over the last 5 years.  They have plenty of room to continue to grow that dividend as well, since their payout is only 20% of their current earnings.  If you are interested in the dividend they will be going ex-dividend on 4/27/16.  They are also buying back stock right now, which some people are not necessarily a fan of but I like that they are returning value to their shareholders.  The current closing price is right at the price where they averaged their buyback price from early 2015 at 33.75 a share.

Just this month they have entered into an agreement to purchase Starmount Life Insurance Company that they expect to be accretive by 2017.  This adds more potential revenue to the top line very quickly.

Lastly, and not that it even entered into my decision when purchasing this company I see that the company is trading above it’s 20, 50, and 200 day moving averages.  The 20 day and 50 day are both trending up, and will likely catch the 200 day soon.  It may be poised for a rally but if you put in a nice 20% stop loss this stock has the potential to run for quite some time going forward.

Happy investing,


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New webpage

I kind of dumped this site for a new paid wordpress site about 6 months ago, but am thinking about resurrecting this one as well. I know in the past I had some readership here, and loved writing about anything and everything. That’s probably why my current site isn’t quite making it, because I haven’t been able to lock myself into writing consistently about one particular topic. I’m going to make this my general posting and probably post here about once or twice a week. If you have followed me here, and possibly enjoyed some my writing, I will be writing about my fitness journey over at Thank you to everyone for your support and the other great writers that I have come across along the way because of this site. You challenge me to better myself!

Make every day great,