Haven’t posted for a few weeks…

I know it has been awhile since I have said anything on the blog, but I am currently looking for a full-time position.  On November 19th, I parted ways as an insurance agent from the agency I worked for.  It was a tough decision but after my wife and I discussed it, we thought it was probably the best choice.  In the meantime, I have picked up a seasonal warehouse position which is obviously considerably different than any of the jobs I’ve had in the last 8 years.  It’s a very repetitive job, but I can go in their with vigor and I don’t dread it.  I am struggling to see the plan that the Lord has for me through this, but I know that there is something great down the road.  I can also state that this has definitely put a strain on the “norm” for our family, and I would like to ask for prayers that this hiccup in our life be temporary and that He would open the door for me to begin a real transformation in this time of struggle.

Make every day great,



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